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The Precepts 

Mikao Usui referred to his teachings as the:


'Method to Achieve Personal Perfection

He taught that it is by mastering the mysteries of self that we learn to effect the mysteries of life.

'The Most Important Teaching' ~ The Foundation Stone of Usui's teachings are the Precepts.

Usui would teach his students to meditate on the Precepts morning and evening as this was the most important practice to carry-out.  Students would be expected to live their lives according to the Precepts and complete this task before anything else was taught.


Only for today:

Do not worry  
Do not angerBe humble
Be honest in your work
Be compassionate to yourself and others

Dr Mikao Usui

Also at an early stage of the teachings importance was/is put on 'Mindfulness' what it is and what it means.