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These are a small selection of comments from a few of my students, if you wish to read more testimonials or if you wish to talk to students who have attended my courses and workshops please email me.  You can of course come along and have a chat with me if you are considering learning Reiki or Angelic Reiki which is what I would recommend as it's a perfect opportunity to ask questions and see if I'm the teacher for you.



Comments from Reiki Students


Words cannot really express how I feel about the wonderful experience this weekend while completing my Reiki Master/Teacher Course.  It was an emotional, fulfilling and happy time.  Your lovely home has such a wonderful atmosphere, full of amazing peaceful energy and everyone is always welcomed with open arms and made to feel at ease as soon as they enter.

Your courses are always so interesting, enlightening and enjoyable in so many ways and you always give so much of yourself and your time, even when the courses have been completed.  I would highly recommend all of your courses to anyone who wishes to attend them.

I found the two day course, fun, relaxed and enjoyable.  Everyone is at ease with each other  quite liberating and emotional at times.  Its good that we covered the main practical exercises but that newer concepts are left up to the individual as to whether they include them in their practice and to be made aware of what the options are.  Good mix of discussion and practical work; and each person and experience is valued.

Thank you Linda, for your time, kindness, encouragement, teaching, hospitality and belief in other people, it is very much appreciated.

Quality of course was excellent. Content perfect. Course material you have perfected to a Tee. I am very glad that I booked it 6 months in advance gave me plenty of time to study and build on energy.

Linda Vickers a firm perfect host and Teacher. Put body and soul into all content, her commitment to Reiki 150 % it is not part of her it is her. I hope you understand my Scottish expressions

The course more than met my expectations, my Reiki teacher and myself resonated instantly, she made the whole day so interesting and she was so hospitable. Her home and herself were full of positive energies which you could instantly feel as soon as you entered.

The live training was so amazing, such an overwhelming spiritual experience, it is a great honour and very humbling to be allowed to work as a vessel through God's Divine Light. Thank you for all the information and help, I cannot wait to do the next course.

Had so much help even after the course from Linda, she is a lovely special person."

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, every last bit! Having information and CDs before the actual live course helped a lot and made the day run a lot smoother.  Linda was a great teacher and she made me feel very comfortable in a way I felt I could ask as many questions no matter how silly they may have sounded! I am so glad Reiki Evolution was my first step into Reiki and I can't wait until my second level.  Thanks again.

I was kind of afraid of going on the course but very, very glad that I did. Very, very grateful for you and Una, Reiki and for finding Taggart and his web site. I'm still practicing the energy exercises and the self healing.  I'm enjoying using Reiki; it certainly has made a change to my life. Thank you very much again and Una.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day spent with Linda and feel as though it has changed my life in lots of little ways.Things just seem better. The manual was very comprehenive and covered things in an easy to understand way. I use the cd every day for my meditation. I cannot wait to do reiki 2. Erica

I would like to thank you for the support and guidance you have given me on my journey. I feel very blessed not only to have met you but also to be able to call you my Master. I am forever grateful.  I would like to thank you for the support and guidance you have given me on my journey. I am forever grateful.

Throughout all levels you have made the experience special for me. You genuinely care for and nurture your students, giving them the confidence to move along their path. You understand that each new student has different goals, needs and energy. You listen to the individual needs and thoughts of your student adapting the day as needed, going with the flow. Any student would be blessed to be taught by you.

Everyone is met with open arms...(a hug, cup of tea and a chat!!) patience and understanding.

Your philosophy and outlook on life are an inspiration. You have made my Reiki Mastership and previous levels an absolute joy to learn. I know without a doubt I shall keep in close contact with you and should I have any questions you are always there for me.

Many blessings, love and light for you and your family,

Nameste  Emma xx

I would like to say how much I enjoyed the course with Linda, I found her to be most welcoming, she put me at ease immediately, she fully explained the format of the day and I was comfortable asking questions.  It was such a beautiful experience and it was lovely to share it with Linda. The refreshments provided were excellent also! 
The manuals and CD's are such a valuable resource, the manuals very comprehensive and the CD of meditiations I can only describe as excellent and have really helped me as my mind does tend to wander just a little, they have helped me focus.

Another fantastic day with Linda.  She is amazing and has everyone at ease from the start.  The manual is invaluable and being able to practice before is a great way to learn.  I use the meditation CD every day and as soon as I put it on, my dog curls up at my feet and goes to sleep.  Thank you so much.

I was amazed by some of the exercises and how they helped us to feel the energy.  I kept saying it was 'weird', but in a very exciting and humorous way.  I loved it.  Linda was a superb teacher.  I did not feel stupid or out of my depth, she is a gentle person who is so open to giving and receiving.
She taught me a lot and although I have been unable to share the group who meet as yet, due to work commitments. I hope to do so at some point in the future. I do feel I can contact Linda with queries, which gives me a feeling of security when embarking on this new journey.
Warmest Regards

I attended the Reiki course on Sunday 3rd October 2010 at the home of Linda Vickers.  As soon as Linda opened her door to me I felt very welcome in her home.  She is such a warm and easy going person and I had a great day.  By the time I left I was so uplifted and excited at what I had experienced.  The course manual and cd combined make it easy to learn about Reiki and the back ground information on where Reiki came from is very interesting.  What can I say.  I had a very enjoyable and eye opening experience and am continuing to carry out the energy exercises.

The live training and the teacher were just wonderful and Linda gave us a very warm welcome. It was a wonderful, relaxing and peaceful day with exciting new experiences for me in a lovely atmosphere and I am very happy that I have done the course.   To sum it up, for me it was the perfect approach to Reiki. No doubt that the course did meet my expectations. Many, many thanks for that.
All the best.

I would just like to say what a fabulous day I had on 10th April 2011 on my Reiki course with Linda.  She is such a wonderful, warm and welcoming person and made the whole day flow superbly.  I felt no pressure or anxious at all and if I was at all doubtful about my ability to give a treatment then Linda made me feel right at ease.  The day was perfect and it was lovely to work with the different energies which became more powerful as soon as I received my empowerments.  We talked about different methods that can be used and our experiences with the energies and it was great fun also.  I had a wonderful day and would add that the way that the course is run, is excellent, ie, having the manual to read, c.d's to listen to initially and then of course the day course.  I could not fault it.  Thank you for all the information and knowledge made available to me.
Angela ~ xx

My course was for the Reiki Master/Teacher and lasted two days, I received my materials way before this date and as I mentioned in previous emails I think your materials are of an excellent quality, as I own my own Training Company I believe in giving my students the best materials I can and I look for others in my field to offer that same standard, which your courses certainly do, I have several friends who are Reiki Masters and when I showed them the materials I had received they were flabbergasted, they received a photocopy booklet with little information in it, in fact they were unaware of the empowerments carried out by Usui Sensei.
The weekend of the course was exciting, mind blowing and really eye opening, I learned so much on this weekend working with Linda who has become a great friend since doing my Second Degree course with her, she is so enthusiastic, understanding and full of knowledge about her subject and I just hope that one day I will have even a small part of this knowledge, I deeply understand what you were saying in your materials that attending the Master course is just the start of my learning, there are so many people out there that I have come across over the past few years that think they know it all and should  be on pedestals, even I at the beginning of my journey feel I know more that some of these people based on my frame of mind, the materials I received for the training and the Master I trained under.
Be brilliant

The live course was very enjoyable, it was fun, a very relaxed atmosphere, Linda the Reiki Teacher made the course a great experience and has a wonderful calming influence. Any nerves on the day were quickly put aside.

I was very happy with the second degree course as I was with the first one. As previously Linda made it a very special experience for me and I enjoyed every single second. I found the course material very helpful, in particular regarding the learning of the three symbols. Given the material in advance there was enough time to learn the symbols so I could concentrate on practising on the day itself. I found the CD symbol meditation also very helpful so I could get used to work with the symbols before actually attending the live course. To the CD about the second degree I listened a few times when I was travelling on the bus to work and I liked it very much. For me it is an ideal course concept. Receiving the course material in advance was one reason why I chose Reiki-Evolution. It is also a great help afterwards if I want to refresh my memory. I also appreciate the support I get after completion of the course.  To sum it up. I was very happy with the whole course and Linda is such a great teacher and lovely person.
Best wishes Anja

Once again can I thank you for the support and guidance you have given during my journey to attain the Shoden Level 1 degree. Following the format of your document see my feedback below.
Feedback from - Level 1 Shoden

The Course with Linda Vickers was outstanding. I really enjoyed it, I loved the traditional, intuitive approach. The venue was great. Everything was very professional and relaxed. The course material, books and mp3s where all excellent.
Thanks very much. 

Study Pack -  This was received a number of weeks before my course and I was very impressed with the contents. The course manual was very professional and covered everything necessary for first degree in an easy flowing format. The 2 CDs, that accompanied the manual, were brilliant for reinforcing the content and also for the daily meditations. The meditations are now part of my daily routine and I now look forward to my quiet time. 
The pre-course guidance and exercises were invaluable as they helped to answer my questions and reinforced my understanding of Reiki. Linda was always available and in contact throughout the pre-study period. I also found the Healing Share I attended was a great benefit, as this confirmed Reiki was the path I wanted to follow. The other people at the share were very welcoming and friendly.
Live Course - The day of the live course I was very excited but strangely nervous as well. I had no need to be nervous because as soon as I arrived at Linda's, she made me feel so at ease.  As I was the only student for that day Linda had arranged for Beryl to partner me. Both Linda and Beryl made this day special for me. The course fully met my expectations, and the energy experienced that day was wonderful. 
Info covered - The course material is very comprehensive and covers everything from the history to the practical. This along with Linda's knowledge and enthusiasm for Reiki covered everything that I needed, to complete my Level 1 in a very enjoyable way.
Suggestions - Carry on doing what you are doing so more people can experience the Reiki effect.
Thank you again,
June xx

Shoden - The quality of the live teaching on the day of the course was excellent and I very much enjoyed it. Linda is an ideal teacher of the material, delivering the key points of technique and background in a passionate and engaging manner.  Because of this, I felt very comfortable in my understanding of the practices before stepping forward to perform them in the practical exercises!  I also very much liked Linda's connection of the material into the context of her own insights from personal experience. This aspect made the course delivery even more interesting and personable. It was also a very relaxing and conducive environment/setting in which to ask questions to expand and reinforce the learning gained from the written and audio content.

I have found everything about Reiki Evolution to be superb from the booking of the course to receiving my Certificate today. I would also like to give my utmost praise and appreciation to Linda whom I met last Sunday.  I honestly don't know how anything could be improved as I have found everything to be perfect.
Kindest regards
I am impressed with both the manual and my live learning.
The CD in conjunction with the manual works well to instil an understanding of Reiki and how it works. The "meditation" CD works very well and in particular after my live course and empowerment.
 The live course exceeded my expectations. There is a powerful aura around Linda and her home. It put me in the right frame of mind/spiritual state from the start. Her passion was evident and I learned a lot. Most important I learned is trying certain techniques but if it does not work for me try something else; find your own way.  I will be looking to complete Reiki 2. 

The course content was great and so interesting learning about the history and that it originated from in Japan. I loved the CD's too as I am learning better than reading a manual bit it was still very useful to picture how things should be done.
The live course was fantastic. From the moment I arrived and met Linda I felt like I had known her for years. She was so welcoming into her home, and I felt at ease. I got so much from the live course, and it was really uplifting doing the treatments I the afternoon and great to put everything into practice.
I will definitely be looking to arrange my Level 2 in the near future.

Many Thanks
Emma x

Linda is amazing - she is an inspiration and made me feel very safe and welcome. She clarified at the start what we would be doing throughout the day and during the day she explained the symbols and practices, and was happy to give more information if I needed it.  It's great that I can stay in touch with Linda and ask more questions as I develop my reiki practice.

I got a lot out of Linda's course today and I have gladly given you feedback.

 What did you think of the course content?

 Very comprehensive. Linda explains things in an easy way but during discussions she adds depth and context.

Did the course meet your expectations?

Beyond my expectations. Linda taught me a lot today.

What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)?

I was saying to Linda today that the course materials are like a dummies guide to Reiki. The course materials help make reiki simple.

What are your comments about the live training, and your teacher, or the home study approach?

Linda is warm and kind person which makes learning very enjoyable. I learn best in a live training environment. As I have said above Linda is great. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher. 

How do you think the course could be improved?

Linda tried the earth and heaven ki short meditations from the Japanese Reiki downloads, which I found to be very powerful meditations. I was going to suggest to Linda that she should think about introducing these but she said that she is thinking about introducing them into her course. I think this would be a great idea as the meditations don't take up much time and they have now given me a really nice way to practice. I have purchased the meditations, so I am looking forward to a whole new way to practice.


Linda was really incredible. She instantly put us at ease and set a nice atmosphere for the day. Her passion for teaching and sharing was evident from the start. The day flowed well and was very enjoyable.


Usui Master / Teacher Course:

What did you think of the course content? 
I thought it was in depth and thought provoking. There was lots of content to practice with too. 
Did the course meet your expectations?
It exceeded my expectations. Linda always makes the courses so interesting with her experiences brought in from her first hand knowledge and she brings it all together in line with the course material to make the courses outstanding. 
What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)?
Lots of clear and concise information. I'm not a big fan of CDs as they're outdated now but understand fully why they need to be used. Great that the same information is in a downloadable version on Dropbox too. All of the info from these work so well with the manual and everything ties in perfectly. 
What are your comments about the live training, and your teacher, or the home study approach?
The live training was excellent. I was the only student on my course but it made no difference. It was peaceful and the perfect setting. The content we covered was immense and the patience and knowledge of Linda was outstanding. The room we used was beautiful with the most calm feel about it. I felt extremely welcome. The course flowed well, it wasn't rushed, it was such a lovely weekend. Highly recommended. 
How do you think the course could be improved?
It doesn't need to be. 
Thank you once again to you and to Linda for making my Reiki Masters such a beautiful experience. 
With kind regards

Angelic Reiki

The Angelic Reiki 3 and 4 workshop was amazing. I have never experienced energy like it, truly unforgettable and inspiring. And as always, you made everyone feel at home and comfortable with the energy. I hope more people decide to make the journey. Many thanks.
Erica xx

I am still feeling the marvellous energy we shared today and am still floating on cloud 99! I feel so honoured to have attended the course and experienced the love and healing power of the Angelic realm, as well as shared that experience with two beautiful souls - you and Maggie. Thank you so much for being my Master and guiding me on my spiritual path. Love and hugs. XXX

Thank you so much for the workshop. I will take some time over the next few weeks to digest it all. The energetic experiences have been (3rd) eye opening and frankly off the scale!

I intend to join the Angelic Reiki Association.

I am also drawn to teaching but want/need to spend a while continuing to work with the energy and other forms of vibrational healing (sound) before i feel i would be ready.

Love Jonathan xx

If you want to connect with your angels and heal with the angelic realm at your side, I strongly recommend taking the Angelic Reiki Course with Linda Vickers of the Beautiful and powerful angelic attunements, meditations & practice connecting you with the healing angels permanently. Linda is a wonderful & generous Angelic Reiki Master teacher with many years of experience and cannot wait now to add angelic treatments now for my clients. Irene Forsyth (


Reiki 1 ~ Shoden 
Hi there,
One week on from my live course & feeling great. I no longer feel the need to drink alcohol anymore, which is amazing for a habitual nightly drinker the past 20yrs. I'm practicing mediating & self healing everyday, which is something I've never done before and feel myself getting calmer & more centred everyday.
I found the course content fascinating & easy to follow, the CDs helped confirm what I'd read in the manual & the guided meditations were very useful indeed.
I took my live course with Linda Vickers & really enjoyed it. She's a wonderful teacher who I felt comfortable with immediately & she cleared up any doubts, confusions or questions I had. My empowerments were very special & I cannot deny the positive impact they've had (& continuing to do so) on my life.
I've got no complaints about anything & am fully enjoying my Reiki experience, planning to do my level 2 in a couple of months.
Thanks alot