mind body & spirit

Self – Awareness

Self-development / self-love / opening ~ feeling all of you

Stepping into a journey of self-discovery, encouraging your skills, your gifts, your individuality to step forward, to lead the way into a new beginning a one based on your uniqueness: building new values to carry into a new world vision a one where all of life is accepted in love, in neutrality, really seen, for the magnificent light that you are. You are so needed on this sweet Earth, your energy, your light, your vibration, your frequency …. It’s time now to rise, to move up in vibration to hold the higher frequency to carry that out into your world to your family, friends, work colleagues to all you meet.

Opening up to really feel what is going on in your body, allowing yourself to really feel each emotion and welcome contact with life all around you, knowing you are safe to feel, to healing, to evolve. For evolve we must, as all around you breaks down.

Techniques to keep in balance, to strengthen our immune system in simple ways, to keep the energy of the body moving in the right flow, right direction, assisting our meridians, keep ourselves from the fight or flight reaction when all around you is in chaos, to hold stead, and more.

Learning from each other, what works for each individual: sharing my vast experience (not in an ego based way, but from the heart), I, like you are learning, expanding and growing each and every day, learning from my teachers and in turn they too learn…it is a never ending journey of unlimited capacity.

Working with words, energy, movement, sound, meditation, learning to relax and self-nurture.

You are NOT limited! We have been led to believe we have NO power, we are UN-worthy, we die and that’s it …. How crazy this is: energy can never die! We are energy, energy is all around us, we have the power to create, we have huge potential to change, to tap into and as the saying goes:


I imagine more will come forward into this space, for all is coming into form with each word, each moment of intention, each beat of my heart, your heart, the desire to see humanity, all life to rise up and meet a new dawn of a new world, a new beginning where we come together in love, in peace, in harmony, with an honouring of each soul and their gifts to life. Lifting each other in vibration, in frequency, in love. 

Exploring the unknown with curiosity and dreaming of a new reality.

Clearing of the energy body (each session)
Teaching of Energy
Techniques to work with daily
Energy focus / meditation (i.e you are actively focusing)
Relaxation meditation to end the session (letting go letting the words, energy, etc heal, sooth, clear)

These will be simple idea’s, which will include energy work, heathy ways to self-nurture, strength the body, the aura, the immunity, working with affirmations to manifest, sound, going into the silence / stillness, learning to tune into vibration, the frequencies of music and life all around you.

Much love Linda ~ I look forward to welcoming you into this space ~ any questions just ask: