mind body & spirit

Monthly Group ~ Safe Space Sharing

Coming into a place of gathering together on the third Wednesday of each month as place just to be:

A place to share what you feel is ready to come forward

A place to be seen

A place to be heard

A place to be you, the real authentic you, no hats, no masks, the beautiful, magnificent light you are

A place to clear your mind / body

A place to connect

A place to relax

Just to be held by others, who listen, care, empathise, held in love, in the group energies of neutrality. What is shared in this space:

Stays in this space

A welcoming into the circle

Energetic clearing of our aura’s / body

Toning / crystal sound bowl etc

Sharing: opportunity for group to hold space


Toning will be in line with the chakras and meditation too, often energy work will feature in, perhaps movement, mudra’s etc

The main Focus … just to be ... to support, to hold space for each other, to share with love