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Reiki Treatment 

Intuitive Japanese Reiki     

 What is Reiki?  It is a simple gentle healing energy that works on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Energy is transferred through the hands of the Reiki healer, and the client receives as much energy as needed at that time. As with all forms of spiritual healing your own energy system, or 'higher self', will decide how much energy is transferred, and how it is distributed.

Reiki treatments bring the body's energy system into balance and works to clear any energy blockages that may be affecting your health or general well being.  Reiki gives your body a boost of energy that activates your own innate healing ability - it helps you to heal yourself.

Reiki assists with physical or emotional issues you may be working through, it a wonderful way to relax, leaving you feeling very peaceful. When receiving Reiki, you may find that the gentle energy is invaluable during emotional turmoil, stress or change helping you to let go of the past as you move forward. Reiki may also assist with pain management in chronic or post-operative conditions, especially good for wound healing.

There are various forms of Reiki taught in the west.  I have been lucky enough to receive teachings from both the western and Japanese form of Reiki.  The Japanese allows me to draw on the intuitive, spiritual methods that are favoured in Japan where the healing system was begun by Mikao Usui (often referred to as 'Usui Sensei'). This intuitive method means that each treatment is unique as you are it does not rely on a standard format and is based on your needs.

Reiki Treatments

Reiki treatments are carried out fully clothed and usually on a treatment couch or chair depending on the persons health.  I will ask you to remove your shoes, watch and any tight items such as belt around the abdomen.  This is for your comfort only.  During the session I may work on or off your body.  Whilst on your body my hands will only make gentle contact.

A Reiki treatment is very gentle and relaxing, working to balance the body's energy system. During the treatment, you may experience warmth, cold, pulsing or a slight tingling sensation. Each persons experience is different some see colours, others light, while some experience only a deep sense of relaxation - or even fall asleep! These are all things you may feel, but remember the experience of Reiki is different for everyone.

Distant Healing

Distant healing can be given in a number of ways; via an arranged treatment, being placed in a DH box or book, or just by a thought sent out in a loving positive way.

Please contact me if you wish to place a family member or perhaps yourself on our distant healing list. The only details that I require is NAME, and AREA, i.e. JOHN SMITH, SUNDERLAND.  The list is distributed to all my students who will send healing at their convenience.

A treatment; a time, date and length of treatment would be chosen. Then the person receiving the treatment would make them selves comfortable in a warm place where they will not be disturbed, may be light a candle and put some gentle music on, settle back, close their eyes and relax. The practitioner will also prepare to send healing, finishing at the arranged time, making notes to give the person at an agreed time for feedback.  

Note: Picture was taken at Alternative Health Fair at James Cook Hospital ~ Linda is giving feedback to client