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Hello this page is to introduce me (Linda) and a part of my life; all my life I have been searching and continue to do so. As a child I was always getting into trouble at school for day dreaming, I just seemed to step outside myself. I would wander for hours in the woods, denes along the beaches and as I got older I ventured into different churches, groups always listen to what they had to say, staying for awhile then move on, listening and searching for the truth. This path seemed to be put on hold for a few years as I settled down with Jim and gave brith to my amazing girls. The reading didn't stop and at one point I had a scuffle with Scientology but thats another story.  

In my mid thirties thought I was losing my mind and suffered great torment, now I understand.   


Major nudges on my road to healing;


A traumatic injury in 1988 changed the course of my life, a whole world opened up as I increasingly focused on health and alternative medicine.  Happiness and health was always very important to me especially after having my children, finding the joy in the sound of children's laughter.  During this time I was known as a health nut, I wouldn't give my children food with additives in, or crisps, fizzy pop etc managed this until they were at school, which was no mean feat. 

A further nudge on my spiritual pathway came in 1996 as I walked injury free from a car accident which wrote off my vehicle, and left it facing the on coming traffic at the peak of rush hour.  Looking at the car I didn't know how I survived with just 1 small scratch.  

Reiki entered my life in February 2002 when I had a ski-ing accident both knees were damaged, and I was unable to walk, after 3 days the muscle damage was unbelievable, off work for 3 months, I attended weekly physiotherapy until July, daily exercises and daily meditation were a normal part of my fight back to recovery.  During this time I attended a Reiki workshop, I had come home. 


I completed the first level with a Western Master, to self-heal, and heal my family was my desire.  At that point in my life my three grandsons had problems with their ears and 
suffered the normal childhood illnesses of that period.  My quest for knowledge continued I took level 2 and became a practitioner.  For the first year I did charity work, and raised a considerable amount of money for various charities some of which I am still active in.  During numerous Reiki treatments in 2004 my methods changed I seemed to be doing things that I had not been taught, and a comment by my Master left me feeling confused.  Then I literally stumbled on Reiki Evolution, which was very strange experience in it self  as I was not looking for information on Reiki and the rest is history, (when the student is ready the Master will appear). 


I completed a conversion course and found it enlightening, very spiritual so refreshingly different to what I had known.  The support, new information, guidance and the professional way the course was taught fed my thirst for knowledge.  My life evolved again as I progressed to Master / Teacher, passing on this gift to family, friends and then my own students.  To my delight last year Taggart enlisted my help to teach his students along with my own, bring this gentle healing energy to a wider circle of Reiki friends.  I feel very privileged to be in a position to teach this wonderful system reaching out to many different people, and briefly touching their lives, it is an honour and a great gift.


And the search for knowledge carries on.

Bringing me to where I am now, working with Angels and Ascended Masters.  As the earths energies  are changing the Beings of Light are closer to earth than they have ever been and are now ready to work with us to bring the light and unconditional love to all mankind.  With these changes there are many challenges and opportunities for all living energy, that is here on mother earth at this moment in time to evolve.  NOW was the right time for me to take this next step to work on a daily basis with the Angelic Realm instead of when I felt the need.  The Angels have been around me and you since we stepped in to this existence is it time for you to let these wonderful Beings of Light into your life, are you ready to move forward and facing the challenges that we are face in this ever changing world.


Working with the Divine in the way it presents it self brings such a simple pure joy on a daily basis to my life.  Bringing that awareness to others who are drawn to the God Within workshop, and celebrating all of life and this precious earth. 


June this year 2012, bee's came into our lives, as we became guardians of 2 hives which then turned into three.  We can learn so many lessons from these wonderful furry little creatures that make our life on earth pure Joy.

And the journey carries on.


Brightest blessings



Linda ~ A moment in time, a life time to remember