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Introduction to Reiki Evening 

 Are you curious to know more about Reiki?

Then an introductory evening may be a good place to start.

You will find plenty of information on these page, however an interactive evening will give you a chance to ask questions and feel Reiki for yourself, understand the self commitment to working with energy.  Usui's original system (this was his name for Reiki) was intended as spiritual practice that could lead a student to enlightenment, healing was something you could do but it wasn't the focus.


The evening will start with an short overview of my experience teaching and practicing Reiki: I began practicing Reiki in 2004, moving on to teaching September 2005.  

During the evening a brief talk about how Shen Reiki is taught, the materials, precepts etc. Then bring in Hatsurei which is one of our daily practices, playing with energy, experiencing the energy, understanding energies.  There will be plenty of time for questions ... remember every question is valid.

Reiki can be taught in 2 ways:

Level 1 and 2: Homework for about 15 hours, reading, absorbing and practicing, then attending a practical day.  We work through and practice all that you have been learning at home to give you a firm foundation in Reiki. May I add the maximum of students is 4, therefore plenty of time to ask questions and practice. 

Evening or Afternoon Class:

This can be 5 weeks learning level 1 (Shoden) the focus is self-healing and self-development, this will enable you to work on yourself, family and friends.

Or carry on for the next 5 weeks to level 2 (Okuden) the focus is a deeper connection to the different levels of energy and  new ways of working with energies, culminating in become a Reiki Practitioner which will enable you to work with members of the public provided you have Insurance and are registered with the Tax Office.

The benefit of 10 weeks:

You will be learning in a group environment and build up a community of support, giving you plenty of time to practice your Reiki on each other, whilst learning at a relaxed and supported space.

Deciding to embark on a Reiki journey takes commitment, and it does change your life: coming along to the introduction evening will help you to decide if Reiki is for you.  You will receive a warm welcome.

My commitment is to support my students, through the course and there after on their individual journey with Reiki.

The introductory evening is £10.00

In the event that you choose to learn Reiki with me, this £10.00 will be deducted from your deposit.


You can contact me:

Mobile: 07522275808