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Indian Head Massage

Enter into a place of peace and tranquillity where spirituality and massage is combined in this wonderfully relaxing treatment.  Which brings into place all the senses: smell, touch, sound, energy.

Indian head massage works on the network of channels called nadis and centres which are called marmas these sensitive points serve as gates between the physical and spiritual levels of the body.  Prana which means energy flows through the nadis throughout our body fueling the chakras and in turn controlling all of the emotional and physiological functions in our bodies.  Imbalanced chakras usually cause physical illness or emotional imbalance.  

Indian head massage works on the mind, body and spirit: you may wish to remove your t-shirt so that oil can be used directly onto your skin, you can provide your own wrap or large towel: the areas covered with oil are the back, arms and shoulders.  After choosing the blend that feels right for you:

The session begins by making you comfortable, choosing the over-riding crystal for this session: Grounding, then working on the back, shoulders, arms, neck, scalp, ears, face, ending the session by grounding the energy and if time permits the gentle soothing warmth of Reiki flowing through your shoulders and back.

What will I experience: each session is truly unique, clients see colours, experience a warmth, tingling, pulsing energy, a medative state in induced whereby you will feel very relaxed, peaceful and calm.

Picture: Linda carrying out a taster session at James Cook Hospital during a Alternative Health Fair