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New adventure with Crystals and Energy:

Crystal Oversoul Group

Venue: Tickityboo, 18 Sunderland Street,

Houghton le Spring, DH4 4BD

This new adventure is Not a workshop: 

As we step into this space we are opening up to the different energies, frequencies, vibrations moving into the senses, the sense of touch, smell, sound, movement, deepening our focus on what is taking place inside, feeling into the vibrations.  Coming into contact with the Oversouls of the crystal kingdom.  A deeper connection to Earth and the many wonders of the crystalline energies.  

How to calm our nervous system with simple techniques and support ourselves in this changing and challenging environment.  Moving into deep relaxation with the Crystals: crystals are older than time (as we know it) having been within the earth for millions of years.

Adventuring into the 10 chakras: each month we will be focusing / working with a chakra, feeling the vibrations of crystals that you may not have encountered before, meeting the Oversouls / their unique energies. The chakras which we will be experiencing are ~ root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, 3rd eye, crown, 6” above the head (8th star sheath) 9” above the head (9th star sheath) & 12” below your feet (Earth Star).

Each month we will experience a Crystal Oversoul Attunment: Sessions are on the dates 2022 page, the chosen day is a Wednesday close to the New Moon, which is the end of the month. A WhatsApp Group is established for the sharing of each meditation, mandala, pictures of the crystals that were included in the monthly group session. A great place to ask questions and share with others if you wish.

The monthly gathering will feature, energy work and sharing of different tools to assist our spiritual growth, health, clearing of our energy-body / aura, to bring our group energies into alinement. Ways of working with the Earth, simple idea's for deeper grounding. 

The Oversoul Attunment to the crystals of each chakra will be a relaxing guided mediation, which I will share on the group or you may record at our session.  All is freely given (with an acknowledgement when sharing others work) to assist you to feel supported, relaxed and acknowledged in your adventure / journey back to the centre of you. 

There are no requirements for this adventure other than an open mind, a curiosity, a love of crystals and energy: is this for you?


Time to explore, meeting new friends, working on your charkas, opening to a deeper connection to you, tuning into your heart, learning to listen to your body, the heart, becoming aware of your thoughts, Time for you.

The first month, 23rd March is Free, come and feel if this adventure is for you.  An exchange of energy for each 2 hour session from the 20th April is £5.00.

There will be 10 sessions starting in March with the Root Chakra and ending in December for the final chakra which is the Earth Star.

January 2023 there will be an opportunity to join with the group for one final full attunment, meaning all the wonderful crystalline energies that we moved through will be there to bath you in their delightful energies for one last time: bring into this space your hopes, your dreams, your aspirations for the coming year. This session will be Free, a honouring of your journey and giving back to all who added their energy to our group energy.

In the event you wish to join this adventure, please confirm as soon as possible:

The venue will be Tickiboo in Houghton:

First session will take place 23rd of March (Free kinda taster session).

Are you ready for an adventure into the Crystal and Energy Kingdoms and a deeper connection with you? 

Many blessings Linda x

Dates 2022