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Course's and Workshops

I teach Shin Reiki which is as close to the original method of teaching as possible that Usui taught.  Upon your decision to learn Reiki, you and others will see the many changes it brings into your life.

Your commitment: homework before attending a practical day.

My commitment: to support you and assist in anyway I can, provide a Healing Share, weekly email and quarterly newsletter.

Upon completion of your course you are also invited to join the Reiki Evolution internet discussion group.

Groups of 4 are the maximum and can also be taught 1 to 1.  If the dates on the events page are not suitable , please contact me as I do teach during the week to suit students needs.

Students homework packs issued upon receipt of deposit:

Shoden  level 1 ~ 1 Audio CD, 1 Meditation CD and Manual ~ this level is Self Growth and Self Healing ~ 1 day  

Okuden level 2 ~ 1 Audio CD, (2 meditations that are on the disc from level 1) and Manual ~ this level is Practitioner ~ 1 day
Shinpden level 3 ~ 2 Audio CD'S, DVD and Manual ~ this level is Master /Teacher  level ~  2 days 

You will receive your completion certificate at the end of each course 

Trained by Reiki Evolution 2005

Linda is an associated teacher for Reiki Evolution 
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I teach the original Angelic Reiki workshop as channelled by Kevin Core.  Level 1 & 2 is taught over 2 days and an afternoon or evening.  The workshop is a mixture of attunments, meditation and practical healing practice.
Your commitment: to be a pure channel for this special energy
My commitment: to support you and assist in anyway I can.

Angelic Reiki 1 & 2 is Practitioner level, Manual, Master Crystal and Certificate as shown in the picture. 

Angelic Reiki 3 & 4 is Master / Teacher level, Manual, Certificate, copy of Teaching Manual and Music


Trained by Christine Core 2009

Healing Share 


Healing Share, ~ Linden House, 2 Heather Drive, 2nd Monday in the month from 6.45 to 9.00 all linages are welcome, also friends and family who are interested and would like to know more about Reiki or Angelic Reiki.  You will receive a warm welcome. Please check dated on Dates 2020.

The beautiful image above is a book of thoughts about Maitreya's garden, a peaceful place to BE, just breathe and enjoy the beauty of each special moment.  Namaste x
For more information or to ask questions contact Linda:

Mobile: 07522272808


All students that I have taught have the opportunity to work with me as a volunteer when the opportunity arises i.e. the balancing of a workshop or course. The only requirement is I have taught you to the level assistance is required.  This gives the student valuable experience at no cost  ~ a way for me to give back 

Photo Gallery that contain some photo's of students taught over many years from 2005, these students agreed to their picture on this site, there are also photo's from Mount Kurma Japan: Gallery