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Healing Zone 2019


Charities for: 2019 ~ on going 
Soil Association

Forever Charity: Water ~ The Spring (a 100% charity to bring clean water to all)  To be the change you want to see 



3rd @ Washington Galleries Inshops/Market 9am to 5pm 

10th Spiritual Fair Columbia Community Centre, Washington  
11th Shoden Reiki 1 (FULL)
12th Healing Share
17th Houghton Fair
21st Crystal Group
31st @ Washington Galleries Inshops/Market 9am to 5pm

8th Okuden Reiki 2
9th Healing Share
21st Houghton Fair
25th Crystal Group
28th ~ 29th Master / Teacher Usui

6th Shoden Reiki 1 (FULL)
14th Healing Share
19th Houghton Fair
25th ~ 27th Angelic Reiki 3 & 4 Master /Teacher
30th Crystal Group 

10th Shoden Reiki 1
11th Healing Share
16th Houghton Fair
27th Crystal Group

1st Okuden Reiki 2
9th Healing Share
11th Crystal Group
21st Houghton Fair

Notes / Information:

Usui Reiki

Angelic Reiki


I am flexible: therefore if the dates of courses are not suitable i.e. you work week-ends a suitable day/s during the week can be arranged. I also travel for groups who wish to be taught together.  Master / Teacher (Usui) can be taught in 4 separate sessions, during the week.  

Perhaps visit from time to time as new courses and activities are added during the year.

Next Crystal Group will come together when the participants arrive :-)

Please contact me with your questions Linda:
Mobile: 07522272808 or via

May be of Interest ~ a link to the I AM Family of Light ~ the UK Event of the Radiant Rose Academy