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10 Chakra Sprays, Calming Spray, Up Liftment Spray & Clearing Spray

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The calming spray was made to order for a customer whose daughter was stressing about her University exams and the upliftement is designed to up lift you when feeling a little down. The Cleansing Spray is to clear the atmosphere after disruption.  All made with pure essencial oils, crystal gem essence, held in a fine mist.  The beautiful blue bottles contain 3 tiny quartz crystals.

There are 10 Chakra sprays that are made with the same loving care: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart,  Throat, 3rd Eye, Crown, 8th and 9th Chakra's if you wish to recieve more information about these sprays email me at: 

Spray's are sold online or by arranged pick up at Fairs, Healing Share or our Home, all products can be viewed by arrangement at our Home  

Limitied Stock ~ on sale 

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