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Shinpden Master / Teacher Course


Shinpden is the Master / Teacher level upon completion of this level you will be able to pass on this wonderful gift to your students.  This study pack comprises of a full manual, 2 audio CD's and a DVD.  I would recommend that you work with this material for at least 6 weeks before your practical week-end. Deposit: 130.00 Balance: £350.00

Please contact me to discuss your requirements re: course dates as I'm an associated teacher I need to have a date in place and this is what is showing on the web site, i.e. you are not limited to this date.

As all levels you are fully supported. 

Upon completion you will receive your certificate, I invite all my Masters to a catch up day each year, also you have the opportunity to work with me, carryout empowerments at Healing Shares.

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