Mount Kurama, Japan, from main area Mount Kurama, Japan, from main area The Main Hall Honden 200727841 Akai-goho-zenjin Shrine 200727842 A close up of the Shrine 200727843 200727844 The Temple Office 200727845 200727846 200727847 Private area 200727848 Refreshment 200727849 Stairs to the next level 200727850 Stone Poetry Inscription by Tekkan and Akiko Yosano 200727851 View from this level 200727852 Akiko Yosano's study 200727853 Reihoden Museum 200727854 Top of the next flight of steps these lead from the museum and study building 200727855 Amazing Trees 200727856 Ushiwakamaru drinking well 200727857 Special Trees 200727858 Path to building where Ushiwakamaru was educated in arms 200727859 The enterance 200727860 The Tree roots that grow over the paths 200727861 200727862 200727863 200727864 Sojoga-dani Fudo-do The shrine is dedicated to Fudo the conqueror of evil 200727865 Symbol in front of this shrine Very powerful energies were encountered on this beautiful space. 200727866 Front, close up view 200727867 Paths leading up from this point on the mountain 200727869 200727870 The side of the building 200727871 The continuing climb 200727872 200727873 Okunoin Mao-den Temple Mao-son descended to earth here 200727874 200727875 Encounter of the gentle kind 200727876 So close I could have touched her 200727877 Amazing Trees 200727880 Spectacular roots 200727887 200727889 200727890