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Introduction to Angelic Reiki

1st & 2nd Degree

A warm welcome to you.

To the joy of Angelic Reiki, and the wonderful changes that it can make to your life. Are you ready for great change? Are the Angels calling to you to take their hand and move into the light, the light of unconditional love?

What is past no longer exists, the future does not exist, only the now, this moment in time where you are sitting and this information you are reading, this is existence, the oneness where all meet in peace and harmony. The now moment; this stillness, the focus and the beginning.

Background Information

Kevin and Christine Core are co-founders of the system know as Angelic Reiki. Kevin took his transition in June (2009).

The energy of this system has gone through many changes since its birth in 2002/2003. If you are drawn to this method of healing you may be aware of the changes in the earths energy’s especially during the astrological alignment of the 11th November 2005. Christine and Kevin perceive this shift as a full activation of the energy grid around the earth which has been termed the Christ Grid.

This energy in turn changed the vibration of Angelic Reiki making this course is the most powerful way to access the angelic energy and that is by feeling it, becoming the Angelic presence that you are channelling.

We are all healers, born with the ability, time took this ability away as the 3D world impacting our thoughts, feeling and lives as we moved from childhood to adulthood. The experiences you have received are unique to you, the emotions that you have felt are unique to you, the skills that you possess no one else has that ability, that experience that you have, you are precious, loved beyond measure and you are a Being of great light…..the Angels are awaiting.

I hold Angelic Reiki Workshops 3 times a year, however as I work independently I am flexible which enables me to teach during the week if a group of friends or family wishes to be taught together and the dates are not suitable.  Contact me: I also like to meet prospective students to give them the opportunity to ask questions and feel if I am the teacher they are searching for.

Email for more information about both levels, as you will understand by (both levels) I teach the original way Kevin Core and later Christine Core taught this beautiful method of healing and working with the Angelic Realm of Light.

Please see dates page for workshops 2022



Level 1 & 2 October 21st, 22nd & 23rd

Level 3 & 4 November 11th, 12th & 13th


Level 1 & 2 March 31st, April 1st & 2nd

Level 1 & 2 June 30th, July 1st & 2nd 

Level 3 & 4 October 13th, 14th & 15th 

For more information, please email Linda on the address below: 
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Many blessings for visiting my web site and taking time to read the content of this page, may the Angels be with you and your family.

A member of the Angelic Reiki Association from the inception: Angelic Reiki Association   20th August 2009