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10 weeks course covering Shoden level 1 and Okuden level 2

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Introductory Evening is now available, a great space to feel if learning Reiki is the journey for you.   

Usui Reiki

Intuitive Japanese Reiki is what I teach a beautiful gentle way to heal and learn. In Usui’s lifetime, Reiki was a very simple, elegant and powerful uncluttered way of connecting to and working with the universal energy.

The focus of Mikao Usui’s Reiki, was the personal benefits that would come through committing oneself to working with the universal energy, self-healing, self-growth and spiritual development. The system was developed as a pathway to enlightenment and the healing aspect was a small part of what you could do if you followed Usui’s teachings.

His method of teaching involved carrying out daily energy exercises, self-healings and receiving spiritual empowerments on a regular basis. The training was on-going (like attending a yoga or tai chi class) and you developed at your own pace learning to understand each energy before moving on to the next level.

Sensi Usui system had its roots in Tendai Buddhism and Shintoism. The Tendai Buddhism provided the spiritual teachings, the precepts and Shintoism the methods of working with the energies. The student would base their lives on the practice of the system and live according to the precepts.

Shin Reiki

The Reiki I teach is called Shin Reiki it is a blend of the Western approach to Reiki with the simple and powerful methods that were part of Usui’s system but were never taught in the West. Master Taggart King, of Reiki-Evolution, adapted and changed Reiki by bringing it into line with the system that Usui set down in the early part of the last century. He renamed his method of teaching, Shin Reiki, to make a distinction between his approach and the general way that Reiki is taught in the Western world.

Japanese kanji ‘Shin’, means ~ adapting, changing

You are reading this information therefore, I assume you are interested in learning Reiki; may I add at this stage that a personal commitment is necessary. It’s a decision which will change your life and you like many others will say (Reiki changed my life). There are many reasons to learn Reiki, you may want to self-heal, heal others, family, friends, animals, plants or wish to become a practitioner. Perhaps you want to grow spiritually. Learning Reiki is an exciting and self empowering step on the road to change.

Each day whilst working with the energy and self-healing techniques you will find inner peace and clarity perhaps a new direction in life. Only you will know the deep impact it has and the changes that take place.

Mikao Usui himself referred to his teachings as the: Method to Achieve Personal Perfection’. He taught that it is by mastering the mysteries of self that we learn to effect the mysteries of life. ‘The most important teaching’ and the foundation stone of Usui’s teachings are the Precepts. His students were taught to meditate on the Precepts this is/was the most important practice for Usui’s original students and was completed before anything else was taught. We emulate this by being mindful of the precepts through out each day, they are universally adaptable.

Only for today:

Do not worry

Do not anger

Be humble

Be honest in your work

Be compassionate to yourself and others

Sensi Mikao Usui

Remember Reiki is a personal journey, the rewards are yours alone.

Reiki Training

Reiki is taught in three levels some students decide to take level one whilst others are drawn to become a Master/Teacher. The first level is (for your-self); they second level is (practitioner), and the third (master/teacher). Reiki training consists of the history, theory and practical work.

The First Level (Shoden)

This is the starting point of Reiki training – at this level you can self-healing and heal family, friends and animals. Many people who have received a Reiki treatment are so impressed that they wish to learn this holistic therapy for themselves. Often a person may have a sick family member and find it so worthwhile to have the ability to do Reiki. On a practical level it works out more convenient and cheaper too.


The universal energies are channelled into the student through the Reiki Master and your energy pathways are adjusted to accommodate the ability for you to channel Reiki. These changes are unique for each person and this can be a very powerful experience or a gentle one of enlightenment. For some it may be a very spiritual experience.

10 weeks Course that covers Shoden ~ level 1 and Okuden level 2 therefore at the end of the 10 weeks you will be qualified to work as a practitioner, provided you have insurance in place and are registered self-employed:

Your commitment: attend the 2-hour weekly sessions, homework during the week and working on family and friends to gain experience.

Shoden ~ level 1

The first level of Reiki is directed to working on you with energy exercises, a short meditation routine called Hatsuei Ho, which is very relaxing, self-healing meditation, then to learn and practice your new skills, receive Empowerment at each session and to work on students whilst in class, and at home by working on family, friends, your pets and plants etc. Reiki is a wonderful gentle intelligent, healing energy your connection to the Universal energy.

During the five weeks you will build your skills, confidence and a wonderful sense of achievement and connection to others in your class. Each session will Bring a natural progression and expansion as we move through the course. At the end of the weekly class, you will receive a homework sheet to practice what you have covered during the session.

Upon registering for the first five weeks, the initial payment of £80.00 is due at our first session and your students pack is issued: full manual, audio cd and Meditation cd (4 meditations ~ 2 level 1, 2 level 2), plus digital mp3s of both which is sent via WhatsApp, all materials come in a wallet with a covering letter confirming your place and receipt for your deposit. The full level 1 course cost £160.00, for the next 4 session a payment of £20.00 due and a receipt will be issued for each payment.

Upon completion of Shoden, you will receive your certificate and guidelines how to continue your Reiki routine.

Continuation: students can then continue onto the next five-weeks, level 2, Okuden to become a Practitioner

Okuden ~ level 2

The second level of Reiki is the practitioner level, this enables you to work on members of the public provided you have the necessary insurance in place.

Throughout our sessions we will talk about working as a Practitioner, covering the basics of becoming a therapist working on members of the public, explaining the mistakes I made when beginning to work as a therapist, giving you copies of all the paperwork I use as a working therapist, these of course can be altered, improved upon etc. The social media aspect is not covered as we are all so different with our outside connections to the world.

The second level introduces you to the symbols that all Reiki 2 students learn, however, we also provide a meditation that allows you to experience 2 of the 3 symbols, this is as close to the way Usui’s students learnt (they felt the energy, they became the energy), they did not have symbols to connect to the energy. There will be time to practice drawing your symbols, and finding out ways of working with them also working with the many hands method of working with the energies and Reijo.

Week six: the second payment of £70.00 is due at our first second level session and your students pack will be issued: full manual, copy of symbols, audio cd and covering letter with receipt, the symbol meditation and distant healing is on your meditation cd received with your first level, and the digital mp3 for the audio cd will be added to WhatsApp. The full level 2 course cost £190.00, for the next 4 session a payment of £30.00 due and a receipt will be issued for each payment.

After completing Okuden, massive congratulations to you for your commitment and your dedication. You will receive your certificate, homework guidelines with recommendations for working with the meditations, reading your manual and a practitioner pack, emailed via a zip file.

Next step

Once you have decided that this method of learning Reiki is for you it may be a good idea to meet me, feel, if I am the right teacher for you.

The start date of ten-week course is to be arranged.


The course venue is to be arranged depending on numbers and will be held, on a Tuesday afternoon or evening either Hetton or Houghton, Tyne & Wear.

I have been teaching all levels of Reiki since 2005 and have many students and Master / Teachers, some feedback from students appears on my web-site and many are held in my files if you would like to read them, just ask.

Notes: For further details or call for a chat just ring me on the number below, or email and we will make arrangements to meet, or have a mutually convenient time to talk via, mobile or zoom.

Also see my usual monthly courses which entail: upon receipt of the students deposit their students pack is issued, they follow the homework sheet for approximately 12 to 15 hours at home then attend a booked one-day, practical day training.


My commitment is to teach and support your journey.

Linda Vickers, Linden House, 2 Heather Drive, Hetton le Hole, Tyne & Wear, DH5 9RS,
mobile:- 07522272808, email address is: 

Remember learning something new is fun, Reiki is about joy, love and connection. You will meet new people, do new things, discover self-confidence and deep inner peace, and have unique experiences.

You are unique, no one feels like you do, no one learns in exactly the same way, or understands energy the same way, we are all individuals. This is why our method of teaching is taught using various methods, visual, audible and practical so each student can absorb the information based on their unique abilities.

Namaste Linda

Each new journey starts with the
first step.

Are you ready to take yours?